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The goal is to put a somewhat pleasant “GUI” around the many pages of plaintext SIP RFCs. I envision a one stop shop for the different aspects of SIP headers, requests, and responses. If a reader wants to know something, anything, about a specific request, response, or header then then the pages here should be a starting point for all of that information pertaining to the particular header, response, or request. As a result this site assists with time management, study efficiency, and time to resolution of issues for all parties involved as there is no longer a need to rummage through the many RFCs to find the one item you are looking for.

I have taken great length to ensure every item in this website is cited with a proper RFC source. Much like Wikipedia the data represented on these pages are an aggregation of data from many different RFCs.

If an item is not cited I will have highlighted that item with italic font to represent my own opinion, thought, or statement. These are kept these to a minimum and most are seen within the troubleshooting section of the SIP Responses and are usually from personal industry experience. In creation of these pages I have not used square brackets to alter any text within the quotes.

This site has also been written without any specific vendor in mind.


Last Modified: November 19, 2017

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